Nail maintenance is one of the most important parts of basic grooming. Every breed of dog requires nail trimming and the level of frequency will vary from dog to dog.

A dogs nails can be cut in salon as soon as they have had their full vaccinations. We always advise to begin the introduction of nail maintenance early as it will help get your puppy accustomed to the routine of having their feet and nails done.  Even if there isn’t much to trim it will benefit the dog in the long run.

We also offer a dremeling service where dremeling a dogs nails is a great way to get them back to where they should be.

This dog grooming service may require some de-sensitisation sessions as commonly for the dog it is a entirely new process.

“When standing normally your dogs nails should not protrude over the pads or touch the ground.”


Unclipped nails can quickly become a problem to your dog. In extreme cases the nails can grow until they curl round and embed themselves in your dogs pads.

The immendiate discomfort of long nails can eventually change the natural alignment of a dogs foot and leg, which can cause other related issues. Leaving the nails long will also increase the risk of your dog catching them and quite commonly ripping them out, which will be very painful and require veterinary treatment.




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